Who I am

doc_blogI’m Jake May. I’m a doctor, to be precise, the best you can find around my area. I’m 31 years old from Richmond, VA. It is always my desire to help people experiencing all challenges. I give my best to ensure every day I change and save several lives. From men and women to children and aged, I serve to the best interest of everyone. I’m sure you are wondering whether my life is all about medicine. The answer is no. I like reading books and blogging. Besides that, I have a passion for discovering. Not to mention I’m an all rounded person. You can find me skating to football watching or playing.

Being a doctor was my passion since childhood, and thanks to God, I’m here today. Besides being a normal doctor, I strive to be the best every day. You never stop learning. That is for sure. I also learn from my patients who are my priority. It has taken me passion, and hard work to be where I am today. Come and experience the best and most friendly doctor you will ever find.